Aspire, Believe, Achieve... Together

Resilience, yoga poses and chocolate hobnobs!

This week Jaz joined Miss Hopkinson for assembly to teach children about being resilient when faced with something challenging. Children discussed the things they have found difficult to face  but by training their resilience muscle they can do it! We compared what happens to a rich tea biscuit when it is dunked in a lovely hot cup of tea. It falls apart, it can’t be dunked again because it’s a weak biscuit. But then we discovered the queen of biscuits, the chocolate hobnob! Now, this biscuit can be dunked in tea but is then so strong that it can be dunked again and even one more time. The chocolate hobnob CAN do it, it’s strong and doesn’t give up. Ask your child to talk to you about what being resilient means and what it means to be a chocolate hobnob! We would love to hear about their responses.

Children have been practicing their calming breathing by breathing in for a count of 2 and breathing out for a count of 3. Lengthening the exhale in this way calms and focuses the mind – something we all need in our daily busy lives. We have also all been learning more simple yoga poses to gradually build into a sequence. Sun breath, tummy twist and volcano were our first poses and we have now added ski jumper and lightning bolt which they can teach you at home with lots of smiles.


Lightning Bolt

Ski Jumper

Sun Breath


Tummy Twist



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