Emergency 999

This week we were very lucky to receive some very special visitors!

On Tuesday 2 Police Officers came to visit us and tell us all about being a Police Officer.

We learnt that Police Officers help to keep us safe and we can look for their uniform if we are lost and we dial 999 if there is an emergency. We also found out that they carry a radio, camera, handcuffs and baton with them. For an extra special treat we got to try on the different helmets and Diane was put in handcuffs. We went outside to look at the police car and listen to the lights and siren.

On Thursday the Firefighters came to visit. We got to ask lots of questions and found out that they have beds at the fire station! The firefighters told us that they only have 80 seconds to put on their uniform when there is a fire, so Beth and Lisa had to try and put all the uniform on in that time and they did! We went outside for a tour of the fire engine and found out about all the equipment they keep on it. When they showed us how the hose works we had to stand back it was like a big shower. We had to cover our ears when they turned on the lights and sirens as it was very loud.

Anyone living in Milton Keynes can have a free home fire and safety check from Bucks fire and rescue, below are the contact details if you wish to organise a visit to your home.

Telephone  01296 744477

Email cs@bucksfire.gov.uk