Getting curious in Nursery

The children have shown us just how curious and inquisitive they can be over the last few weeks. We have been exploring our outdoor environment and taken great fascination in getting up close and personal with different bugs and nature! We had a great time on our Muddy puddle walk to the local woods and really enjoyed being outside on our first trip out! We were very impressed with how well the children behaved and participated in the walk. We raised a fantastic £363.33 in total so thank you to everybody that contributed in some way.

Not only have we been exploring mini beasts and nature but we have also been exploring numbers in the environment by going on number walk hunts and making numbers and quantities out of natural resources that we could find. We have recently been planting our own seeds, watering them every day and watching them grow. Our sunflowers are already beginning to grow!

Our learning also led us in the direction of investigating insects and safari animals and learning about what they eat and where they live.

There has been lots of focus on physical development too and we have been drawing on a large scale to develop our gross and fine motor skills.  We have also been learning how to hop, skip and jump and even in and out of obstacles.

The children are really enjoying write dance and we have been learning a new song recently. Write dance begins by telling the children a story and then moves onto dance and actions to tell the story though a song. Following this we practice ‘scrimbling’ to the music, which is really mark making and practicing letter shapes. Many of our children have also begun to demonstrate some phonological awareness by hearing and saying the sound that their own name begins with and finding objects with the same sound from around the classroom. As part of our early phonics learning we often go on sound hunts and practice listening really carefully to sounds in our environment. This will help us later on when we need to hear sounds in words for reading and writing. We also explore rhyme and alliteration through our everyday activities and the children are getting better at recognising the initial sound in many words.