Happy New Year in Nursery!

We have had an exciting couple of weeks back at nursery, and this week we have enjoyed meeting  new friends that have joined us.

The children have had fun learning about the police and firefighters, so the team are planning some visits from the police and fire service later next month. There has been lots on the menu in the mud kitchen this half term including mud porridge, soup and mud cakes, which have all been very tasty!

Nursery have been using their listening ears during phonics and using these on listening walks both inside and outside our environment, taking a moment to stop and listen to the sounds in our environment.

In Maths we have been learning about the number one and looking for the way number one is presented, for example on a dice and on fingers. The children also went on a number walk to find the numeral 1 in our school environment.

It would be lovely to extend the children’s learning at home and if you are on a family walk encourage your child to tell you about the sounds they hear and ask them to point out the number one when they see it, for example bus stops and road signs. Please do upload any photos or videos (maximum length of 30 seconds) onto EExAT so we can see what the children are learning at home too.