Learning leaps in Nursery!

Over the past few weeks we have noticed that lots of our children are making bigger leaps in their learning and really showing us that they are engaged and excited by the different learning opportunities in our nursery class. We have been amazed by the fantastic mark making and writing produced by our children including some of us even beginning to write our own names! Nearly all of us can read our own names now and practise doing this throughout the day. Mark making comes in all different forms and we have been particularly exploring making marks by rubbing over different textures. This has included texture boards, lego, cars and wheels!

We have also been practising our scissor skills and gaining control of the scissors in messy play by chopping up lots of sticky spaghetti! Some of us have shown lots of interest in patterns and we have been using the peg boards and the cheerios to experiment with different patterns.

Over the Chinese new year period we enjoyed tasting spring rolls and prawn crackers and learnt about the different types of family celebrations that may have taken place. We also tasted pancakes and had a vote on our favourite! Homemade pancakes came out at number one!

Over the next few weeks we have visits from the fire service, police service, ambulance service and a local dentist. We can’t wait to learn about all of these people and how they help us. We will also be learning lots about hot to help and look after ourselves too.