Aspire, Believe, Achieve... Together

Our mindful start to 2019

To begin the New Year, children have spent the day taking care of their well-being by learning mindfulness techniques and a variety of yoga poses to apply at school and home. We know that our children are incredible people and we want to make sure that each and every one of them knows this is the absolute truth.
Across the day we have all taken part in activities to nurture 5 key areas of well-being. To connect, we listened to sounds and stories with interest and enthusiasm. To be active, we created shapes with our bodies in yoga and started to learn a fun (if a little complicated!) dance which we are excited to practice. To keep learning, we read stories and practiced breathing techniques that we will teach those at home. To give to others, we practiced giving our time, care and attention to each other. Finally, we practiced being mindful by eating slowly and carefully using our full attention and counting our breath to lengthen the exhale.
The children have listened incredibly well today and showed wonderful respect for their teachers and each other as they experienced something new to share with everyone at home and to continue to practice in school. Children and teachers will continue to learn more and more mindfulness techniques to take care of and protect their social, emotional and physical well-being. Please ask your children all about what they have been up to in school and they have so much to share with you all.



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