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We know that missing school isn’t easy for your children —or for you. But we also know that there are simple ways to turn unexpected time at home into exciting opportunities for children to learn, think, and grow.

We have put together some ideas and some links that we think your children will enjoy and should be able to be completed with little or no adult support. However, it is always fun to learn together!!

The Year 5 and 6 Team

We strongly recommend that you commit to a sense of routine during these closure days and enable your child to complete the learning activities given; we all benefit from routine and structure and this can be particularly beneficial during unusual and concerning times such as these. We acknowledge that many parents will be working at home and the learning activities are designed to fit in with your own busy schedules.

A day with your child may look like this:

Perhaps you could design your own schedule together each week.


Home Learning Year 5/6 - Week 3

In order to access all of the resources above use this PDF with the active hyperlinks: Year 5 and 6 Week 3 Learning Activities

Supporting Documents - Week 3

Miss Martignetti - Photo flow chart example

Photo flow chart template


Picture News:

Learning from the world around us! Each week in our Assembly we discussed a current news story or, image or a thought-provoking question. Please continue to discuss these with your child each week and use some of the teaching resources together.  Share your views on a weekly poll on Facebook!

Watch the Virtual Assembly each week and information about what is the weekly learning pack


You should complete a reading activity three times a week. Once you have completed the tasks, you can use the answers to self mark, or ask a parent to mark your work for you,


Miss Potten’s group

Week 1 and 2and answers


Miss Martignetti and Miss Pryke's group 

Week 1 and Week2 and answers


OXFORD OWL – Online Reading Books


Username: 56lm Password: Books2019



Grammar and Spelling activities should be completed daily.


Miss Potten's group

Week 1 with support and Week 2


Miss Martignetti and Miss Pryke's group

Week 1 and Week 2


Make sure you also know how to spell all of the Year 3 and 4 words.

Year 5-6 Spelling List Crossword -Double Consonant

Year 5-6 Spelling List Crossword-Initial Sound Followed by Double Consonant

Year 5-6 Spelling List Crossword-Tricky Ending


Click here to try some great online spelling games.



Writing activities should be completed every week.


Miss Potten’s group

Writing task and use the example to help you


Miss Martignetti and Miss Pryke’s group

Writing task


We know what amazing writers you are. We have been working really hard over the last term to uplevel our sentences and improve the quality of our writing. Have a go at some of these activities. We would love to see you sharing your work on our twitter page.

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Living in Technicolour

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Family Love

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Stalking Its Prey

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Tiny Turtle's Huge Journey

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Time Flies



Ensure you stay active. Get outdoors and get some fresh air as much as possible. Play in the garden.Help with some gardening, wash the car!

Try some our school favourite online fitness activities:-

Go Noodle

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Active Maths


5 Minute Move – Workout 1

5 Minute Move – Workout 2

5 Minute Move – Workout 3




Practise your rolling numbers every day!

Maths activities should be completed every day. Once you have completed the activities use the answer sheets to mark your work. Try to correct any errors.

Complete a daily maths lesson from White Rose Maths. Watch the video together. Answer the questions/complete the activities. Mark the work together using the answer guides.


Miss Martignetti and Mrs Prudence's groups

Aim to complete 2 pages each session

Week 1 and 2 and guidance with answers


Miss Pryke and Mrs Ndede's groups

Follow the instructions on the links below

Week 1 and 2 and answers


Also try.....

Year 6, If you need some help with triangles, angles or algebra click on the words to find some useful videos.

 Year 5 and 6, you could also be practicing you timetables on TT Rock Stars and Hit The Button.

If you need some number practice you could use the games about Fractions and Ratios.

If you would like to practice you fluency you could use Numbots , Money practice or for more challenge Money practice.

There are lots of resources for Revisiting our learning.



Complete the activity passport tasks three times each week. The ‘Activity Passport is a great bank of ideas of things you can be doing at home. They are separated into year groups so you can look at the list of ideas for your year. However, if you want to (or you have smaller siblings you want to work with) have a look at the other year groups and pick an amazing idea to do together.



Project activities should be completed at least twice a week. What an Exciting time ahead! Tokyo 2020 is fast approaching.

Take a look at all of the learning activities on the ‘Whole School Olympic project’ page and choose from some of the fun activities.



Use these How to draw..... guides to practise drawing some of your favourite animals. Share them on the class twitter page @y5and6wps


Non screen activities



Keep up to date with, and talk about, the news on the Newsround website.


Explore the world of poetry and maybe have a go at writing your own.


Take some calm time and complete some mindful colouring. We would love to see some of these in school.


Work on your drawing skills and learn to draw a cartoon face.


If you want to get outside, be creative and have some fun, take a look at what the national trust are suggesting.


Grown-ups if you would like some extra support remember you can login to Twinkl using your email and the promotional code: UKTWINKLHELPS


Try a scavenger hunt! Can you photograph the evidence and send it to your teacher when you have completed it?