Play is the way our brains work in Nursery!

Here are some photos of our wonderful learning in Nursery from last half term. In Nursery we like to play, play, play! Oh and get messy too! Play really is the best way to motivate and engage us and play really does help us to learn how to learn.

You’ll see from the photos that we have been exploring lots of messy play, changing textures and materials- custard, edible mud, corn flour, puffy paint, coloured spaghetti, edible paint, soapy sand and sand moose to name just a few! We have been beginning to sort and make comparisons in the maths area with loose parts. And we’ve been taking risks in the garden, jumping, balancing, throwing, catching and using tools.

We have been developing our pencil control and mark making skills and we are beginning to see lots of variation of shape and purposeful marks beginning to come along.

We loved the visits from the fire brigade and the police, especially getting dressed up and sitting in their vehicles! This led to lots of learning about the different jobs people can do and how lots of grown ups do jobs that help us to safe and happy.

We celebrated different festivals- pancake day, Chinese new year, mothers day and valentine’s day. This included tasting a variety of pancakes and Chinese food such as spring rolls and prawn crackers. We have been investigating lots of different fruits and vegetables, looking at the insides and outsides and learning about the smells, textures, and colours. We have also been looking at the similarities and difference of each other, using mirrors and self portraits to study ourselves and be able to identify our own individualities.

We cannot wait to see where our learning takes us this half term!