Aspire, Believe, Achieve... Together

Take care – of YOU!

This year we have been returning after each school holiday with a Well-being morning to learn how to truly take care of ourselves. We all know how important it is to take care and we are committed to teaching children how to do this for themselves during the school day and learn techniques and games to take home to continue away from school.

We focused on the 5 ways to well-being today and children loved learning ways to be active, give (without spending money!), keep learning, connect and notice. By doing all of these things, we are able to lead happier, calmer, fitter and more connected lives. Ask your children what they can do at home because we are sure they’ll enjoy sharing all they’re learning about.

Listening is a key skill of mindfulness and is an important one for children to develop. We played some great partner games to develop our listening skills and practiced some yoga poses to eventually build into a bedtime sequence.

Ask your child to show you a few poses and enjoy them together.

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