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Understanding how we feel

Every morning and after lunch, children are having time to reflect on how they are feeling and the chance to express this to their teacher. Teachers are also using this time and space to connect with the children and to ensure the morning and afternoon begin in a positive way. We would really like you to discuss our well-being scale with your child and see if they can attach emotions and feelings to each number on the scale. During our time discussing our numbers, we are practicing our listening skills so that other children can develop their empathy skills towards children that are reporting a low well-being number.

It has been fantastic and heart-warming to see children talking to those they feel may be sad or upset to try to make them feel better within themselves. We are currently working with the children to make the scale more child friendly and would appreciate any feedback from you as parents after speaking with your children about it. We will share with you our new, colourful and fun well-being scale when we have collected all feedback from home and from the children in school.

Have a well and happy day!

WPS learning zones and well being chart

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