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Y6 Spooky Stories

Year 6 have worked so hard with their writing, focusing on using powerful language and techniques to build atmosphere and tension. Have a read of some of their brilliant work!

‘Tendrils of rotting ivy obscured the iron plated statue as I turned back to see teeming trees towering over me, making ghostly figures in the moonlight.’

‘The gates opened with an unearthly groan. Rain was now thundering down, piercing my skin like an onslaught of bullets. In front of me, there stood a repugnant, repellent sculpture engulfed in fungus. Gulp.’

‘CREEE…AAAK! “How?”whispered Nill, gasping as he scrutinised the gate like a startled deer. Without a second thought, without consideration for his own safety, he stealthily moved in…’

‘Standing in the dark corridor, the ancient floorboards wailed and moaned at Billy. He started to tiptoe forwards. “Is anybody there?” Silence. He was alone…or was he?’

‘ When I looked back at the statue, I saw it was pointing back in the direction of home but its lifeless eyes seemed to be staring in to my very soul: watching my every step; watching my every move.’

‘While I prowled along the rough, rutted path, I felt a creeping chill crawl up mu spine as the beaming moonlight cast a bitter light across my soul.’

‘In the oscillating torchlight, I caught a fleeting glimpse of a white shadow that was just in front of me…’

‘Suddenly, I saw a bright light that enraptured me, dragging me closer and closer…’

‘The door shut so suddenly that it made Fred fall in to the freezing cold water. He could hear footsteps coming closer…and closer…and even closer…’

‘Slipping on the sheet of white ice towards the Abbey, I noticed the uneven, cracked gravestones in the distance, with only one guttering candle in the middle. Who had lit it?’

‘As I lurched forward, a gust of wind ghosted past me. The rusty gates of terror opened, slowly and gradually…’

‘The icy wind powerfully chased Ivan back to home; back to where he would have to admit to Mum that she was, indeed, correct about this blood-curdling, treacherous setting; back to where he’d be safe, where he wouldn’t have to face this horror.’

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