Year 1 Seed Investigation

In year 1 we have been conducting a seed investigation. We have planted 3 different bean seeds and are testing how well they will grow with varying access to light.

  • Plant 1 – is growing tall, strong and healthy because it has lots of light on the window sill.
  • Plant 2 – is growing tall, but it is very weak and not very green. We have found this very interesting as this seed is in a dark cupboard and we didn’t expect it to grow at all. However we have been learning how the plant is desperately trying to reach the crack of sunlight within the cupboard and explains why it is growing so tall.
  • Plant 3 – this plant has also surprised us as it does have some access to sunlight sitting on a shelf in the classroom, but obviously not very much as this plant is just beginning to grow.

We can’t wait to see how the seeds continue to grow!