Times Tables practice 

TT Rock Stars and Hit The Button 

 Rolling Numbers  

Daily practice  

Alongside this, practice rolling your times tables and see whether you can teach someone in your family. Use your knowledge of times tables knowledge to find fact families, eg 4x3=12, 3x4=12, 12÷4=3 and 12÷3=4   

 Timestable Games   

Top Marks


Oxford Owl Help with tables



Money practice or for more challenge Money practice 

 Telling the time 


How many different ideas can you think of for: “If the answer is 10, what is the question?” The number could be made more challenging by including a fraction or a decimal.  

A different number or part of maths could be used each day. 


Create a poster showing everything you know about _________ (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, shape, fractions, decimals, graphs etc.). This could be pictures, diagrams, explanations, methods etc.

Be as creative as you want to be! You could make a video to explain methods or what you have produced.