The Secret Garden


The Secret Garden was designed by our Woodland Warriors. The school had a large piece of land that was overgrown and unused. The Woodland warriors thought this area had so much potential for the children to explore nature, learn and create a zone that could be used for well-being but also to grow our our plants and vegetables in.

They spent time planning the area and resourcing materials so that the plan could be put into action.

The Woodland Warriors aims for the project were to:

  • produce an inspiring additional learning space for children across the school which encourages investigation and exploration of their natural environment.

  • stimulate an appreciation and respect for the wildlife native to the area.

  • create an outdoor respite area which promotes emotional wellbeing for all children.

  • help children develop friendships, social skills and build their self-esteem.

The group thought long and hard about some of the features they’d like to see incorporated in the final design. These included: Friendship benches, bug hotels, a winding nature trail, a bird hide, raised planting beds and a ‘nature portal’.

During lockdown the teachers and keyworker pupils set about tackling the overgrown area and starting digging pathways to put the plan into action.  The team sourced reclaimed wood, repurposed materials and received donations from the community of plant pots and seeds. The team struggled to source materials to create their pathways due to material shortages and business closures during the pandemic. Fortunately we were able to start using the area for learning and enjoyment.

Unfortunately during the summer period the area became very overgrown and the pathways disappeared. Determined to have the area up and running and after sourcing materials for the pathway, the Year 5 team worked hard to strim back the area and (after what felt like thousands of trips across the school with the wheel barrow!) created the pathways and weeded areas ready for the children to use.

Click on the image below to see our Secret Garden Journey.