Welcome To Foundation

Welcome to Foundation from Miss Price and Miss Young!

Our foundation team are so enthusiastic about starting the school year with our very excited new children. It has been a pleasure to meet the children and families again during the home visits and we have seen so many polite and well mannered children, showing us they are ready for school.

Miss Price and Miss Pocock look forward to welcoming you in to Bumblebee class. Miss Young, Mrs Fuller and Mrs Beale cannot wait for you to start in Ladybird class.

We’ve loved hearing what your children are interested in, what they have been up to over the summer, and what they are excited to learn in school.

This term we will be learning about ourselves and each other, whilst getting to know our way around the school and settling in to our school routines. We will be starting our phonics sessions by introducing children to single letter sounds with a focus on listening skills. We will be following the Read Write Inc phonics programme. We will be spending time choosing their first reading books to come home, whilst sharing stories in class to really develop a true love of reading. The children will be exploring the numbers so that they develop a deeper understanding and mastery of number.

In line with the Whitehouse way, we will encourage children to be ready, respectful and safe. Remaining calm and developing a sense of independence in Foundation is extremely important in order to foster a sense of self-awareness.

We are committed to working alongside families to provide the best possible start to their school experience. Please don’t hesitate to speak to one of us in Foundation – no question is a silly question. We look forward to working together as a team this year.

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