Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

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Our Foundation team are excited to start the school year and are eager to meet and get to know all the new children.

We are looking forward to getting to know your child on an individual basis and hearing about what they have been up to over the summer, and what they are excited to learn in school. During the first term we will be learning about ourselves and each other, whilst getting to know our way around the school and settling in to our school routines.

We will be starting our phonics sessions by introducing children to single letter sounds with a focus on listening skills. We use Read Write Inc as the foundation of our phonics programme. At Whitehouse Primary, we promote a love of reading and will be sharing  lots of stories in class. The children will be exploring numbers so that they develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

In line with “The Whitehouse Way”, we will teach our children how to be Ready, Respectful and Safe in all that they do.

Helping to develop a child’s independence, supporting their social interactions and building positive relationships is key to ensuring every child feels happy and secure in their environment, so that they enjoy their learning experiences. We believe every child is unique and we aim to tailor our play-based learning around the interests of the children, regularly adapting our learning environment to support this.

We are committed to working alongside our families to provide the best possible start to their school experience.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to one of the Foundation team is you have any concerns or queries – no question is a silly question. We look forward to working together as a team this year.

Miss Young



Wiggly worms and freezing ice!


Winter in Foundation


Space and Universe!


Fun in Foundation!