School Closure - Home Learning Zone

Tier 5 National Lockdown January 2021

Please follow the Daily Remote Learning Plan via the MS Sway link sent by ParentMail on 3rd January 2021.


Additional activities can be found below.


Activity Packs

My Home Learning Book EYFS

EYFS Home Learning Pack

EYFS Home Learning Pack from Classroom Secrets

EYFS Home Learning Pack from Twinkl

EYFS Home Learning Pack from Teacher's Pet

EYFS Home Learning Pack from TTS



Oxford Owl for Home

This amazing website has lots of activities and support for parents to help their children with their learning.



Practise Rolling Numbers - Teach someone in your family to roll their numbers!

Rolling 2s

Rolling 10s

Watch a Numberblocks clip each day at: Cbeebies.

Use this guide to give you ideas of how you can support your children whilst watching an episode.

Complete a maths lesson from White Rose Maths. Watch the video together. Then work through the questions and activities together

Working on Numbots - your child will have an individual login to access this.

  • Practise counting up to 20. This can be done through playing hide and seek, singing number songs, chanting, board games etc.
  • Interactive Maths Games



  • Daily Stories
  • Read and listen to a variety of books at home. Favourites can be repeated. Hearing the patterns of language in a story will support your child’s language development.
  • Children to read to parents daily, continue to record in reading diaries.
  • Visit Oxford Owl for free eBooks that link to your child’s book band. You can create a free account. Complete the linked Play activities for each book.
  • With your child, look in magazines, newspapers and books for the tricky words they are currently learning. They could use a highlighter or cut out the words.
  • Writing opportunities through; role playing stories, diaries, shopping lists, letters, cards to friends/family, story writing, recipes, instructions.


Keep Active 


Interactive Links

Click here to see lots of links to great websites and learning resources   EYFS Interactive Links


My Activity Booklet

Created by the Department for Education, the My Activity Passport includes a variety of age related activities that encourage children to take on new challenges and pursue their interests to build their character and wellbeing. Start with the previous checklists and work your way through them – how many can you achieve?



Family Projects

Non Screen Activities