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Emergency 999

This week we were very lucky to receive some very special visitors! On Tuesday 2 Police Officers came to visit us and tell us all about being a Police Officer. We learnt that Police Officers help to keep us safe and we can look for their uniform if we are lost and we dial 999…

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Role Play in Foundation

Within our environment, we have had great fun in our role-play areas, which have been set out as a fire station, garden centre, police station, and fruit and vegetable shop. We have also experimented mixing colours within our art areas and completing observational drawings. During topic, we have learnt lots about the beat and rhythm…

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Youth Sacre

We were very excited that a small group of children were invited to a Youth Sacre meeting this half term. It was a great opportunity to learn about the different world views on climate change and sustainability. The children were able to share their own views and hear the opinions of others, through group discussions…

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