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We love… role play!

In Foundation, the children have thoroughly enjoyed the role-play opportunities in the provision. The children adored the vets where they were able to help poorly animals. They also had an opportunity to run a fruit and vegetable shop. This gave the children the opportunity to act in the role of buying and selling, furthering their…

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Funny Bones in Foundation

In Foundation 2, we have thoroughly enjoyed our learning based around the story “The Funny Bones.” We have worked as classes to write stories based on the adventures that the skeletons go on and we learnt about how we need to use a full stop at the end of our sentences. During own learning, many…

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We are connected….

We have all embraced this week’s theme of connectedness. We have collaborated, we have investigated, we have listened and we’ve been heard. We have celebrated our differences and we will continue to explore what makes us unique. It is World Mental Health Day and we would like you to take a moment to connect; with…

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