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Supporting our children and families through COVID-19

Health and Wellbeing

Mindful Breathing 

Your child already should know a range of breathing techniques including petal breathing, belly breathing and star breathing. This short clip should encourage them to use their breathing skills to help them to remain present.  


Mentally healthy schools’ resources 

This useful link is full of resources that you can use to support your child’s mental health through this time. It is tailored specifically towards areas that they may need support with currently including feelings of loneliness and fears. Have a browse through and make use of this great resource. 


Reframing our thinking about problems 

A short clip to watch about being mindful in the questions we ask. It encourages us to think about how by rewording our questions, we can think about the solution rather than focusing on a problem. 


The Happy News Pack

We as a school have subscribed to the Happy News newspaper so that children have opportunities to read positive news stories. The newspapers remain at school ready for the children to read on their return. However, there is no reason they couldn’t create their own Happy News. This pack includes all the tools they might need to make this happen.  


Growth Mindset guide for Parents

This might help you to identify ways in which you can adopt a growth mindset approach into your homes. This is a guide we follow as a school, so the children are used to being reminded to have a growth mindset. We have seen lots of positive results from it, hopefully you will too at home.  


Stay at home care kit

Think about how you can use this to help you to focus on the joys of being at home. Maybe the children can tick off the activities they complete but encourage them to be present in each one. This isn’t a sprint to the finish; they can fully immerse themselves in new experiences. 


Gratitude Pack

Although this is a turbulent time, spend some time each day discussing what you are grateful for. This time can feel consuming and lots of the media outlets are sharing negative news, however we have lots to be grateful for. We can be grateful that we are spending time with loved ones, grateful for sunshine, grateful for a new skill we have learnt etc.  


Wishes and dreams jar  

Choose a jar or container in your house. Label it “Wishes and Dreams.” Every time you think to do something that you currently are unable to do, write it down on a piece of paper and put it into the jar. When all this is over, which it will be soon enough, this jar can be your bucket list for the next year and you can create lots of memories completing all the activities.  


Useful child-friendly apps 

These are just a few apps that might give children to opportunity to be mindful for a couple moments during their day.  

  • Headspace – makes meditation accessible to everybody within the home. 
  • CALM – there is a free version of this app which helps with relaxation, meditation and reducing stress and anxiety. 
  • Recharge – it helps you to get into a good sleep routine, by encouraging you to wake up, get up and do fun activities. 
  • Smiling mind  mindfulness and meditation activities to take part in 


Helping Children Understand:


10 tips to help if you are worried about COVID-19

Every Mind Matters - Anxiety Tips


Grown ups – Looking after your mental health

This is a leaflet (produced by the Local Councils) signposting you to the services that are currently available to support you with your mental health. There are also some hints and tips included. Remember, it is OK not to be OK and recognising that you need to seek additional support is good. This is aimed at adults but there may be some useful advice that can help your child too