Religious Education at Whitehouse Primary

At Whitehouse Primary School, we use the agreed Milton Keynes RE Syllabus as the basis for our curriculum. Religious Education has a significant role for the development for the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
Children gain an understanding of learning about religion and learning from religion, by making links and comparing between believing in a faith, belonging to a faith and behaving in a way that is required by the teachings of different religions. The children will also have an opportunity to make their own responses and reflections based on what they have learned.

Our curriculum allows the children to acquire and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principle religions that are represented in Britain and the world. It also allows the children to grow a respectful, open-mindedness and positive attitude towards other people, which enables them to live in a diverse society. Religious education provokes challenging questions about the world around them by allowing them to gain high quality experiences.