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Sports Premium Funding 2016/17

Promoting and ensuring that every child reaches their full potential is paramount at Whitehouse Primary School.

Sports Premium Funding 2016-17

Number of pupils and Sports Premium Grant received
Number of pupils on roll (Years 1-6 at Oct 2016 census)   14
Amount of Sports Premium Funding 2016-17   £ 7000
Number of pupils on roll (Years 1-6 at Jan census)   26
Amount of Sports Premium Funding Anticipated 2017-18  £ 8130

Our vision is to use this money to create a culture that encourages all our children to be active and have positive attitudes towards physical activities and healthy lifestyles.

We will endeavour to use the funding to make high-quality PE and sports sustainable. Our CPD programme, our use of coaches and our local sports partnership links and working together with schools in the IfTL MAT will help achieve this.

Our funding will be predominately targeted in the following ways;

  • Developing high-quality curriculum planning.
  • Providing high-quality PE equipment and resources.
  • Continuing professional development of teaching staff including the use of specialist sports coaching.
  • All Key Stage 1 and 2 children will have the opportunity to participate in after-school sports activities over the course of the academic year
  • Encouraging active and healthy lifestyles – participation of all children from Pre- School to Year 4 in the Daily Mile.
  • Developing a culture of competitive sporting enjoyment and success by taking part in inter-school competitions, friendlies and festivals.
  • Providing essential transport to and from fixtures/festivals which enhances opportunities for pupils to represent the school.
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