Applying for a place at Whitehouse Primary School for your child?

The Whitehouse Primary School Admissions Policy reflects that of the Local Education Authority (Milton Keynes Council) and meet all requirements of the national Schools Admissions Code, Appeals Code and admissions legislation.



National Offer Day for September 2023 intake was April 17th 2023. Reception places for September 2023 have been allocated by Milton Keynes Council. 90 places have been allocated to children within the Whitehouse catchment. The PAN for 2023 was 85 and additional places were allocated according to the admissions criteria up to the capacity of 90.

Milton Keynes Council act as the Admissions Authority on behalf of Whitehouse Primary School.


The deadline for applications for September 2024 is 15th January 2024. National Offer day is April 16th 2024. There has been a change in PAN for 2024 from 85 to 90.


Other Year Groups 

Consideration for 'in year admission' applications is for any child already in school and looking to move to Whitehouse Primary School. We will consider further applications if you're moving into our catchment area of Whitehouse and we have space available. Please note as of September 2023, almost all of our year groups are full. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please complete the in year admissions form in the link below.

.In year admissions


Admissions Criteria 

Information regarding the admissions process for your child or children to attend Whitehouse Primary School is available to download below.

*Please note our admission criteria has been amended (6/21) to include the recent change to the School Admissions Code which will come into play from September 2021 and will apply to the admissions from September 2022.


To apply for a place at Whitehouse Primary, please visit:


If you have applied for a school place at Whitehouse Primary school and have been unsuccessful and would like to lodge an appeal please contact our Admission Officer Jeanette Ball via

Our Appeals are handled by Buckinghamshire Council’s Education Appeals Team.

 Please read the  Guidance for parents and guardians on school admission appeals | Buckinghamshire Council  which provides important information about the appeal process.

Any applications that have been unsuccessful for Reception  September 2023 entry, you should make your appeal before midday on 16 May 2023.

Appeals submitted by 16 May 2023 should be heard by the end of the summer term. Delays may occur due to panel availability and numbers of appeals received.

Appeals made after midday on 16 May 2023 will be heard from September 2023 onwards.

For in-year appeals for immediate entry, make your appeal within 20 school days of the refusal letter. The appeal will be heard as soon as possible.

Primary school appeal timetable 2023
Date Event
17 April 2023 Primary Allocation Day
16 May 2023, midday Deadline for submitting completed appeal forms
5 June 2023, 5pm Deadline for submitting any additional documents or information in support of your appeal
10 school days before appeal hearing Appeals Team emails of appeal date & time letters to parents
6 calendar days before appeal hearing Appeals Team posts appeal Case papers sent to parents, the admission authority, school and appeal panel Appeal Panel
June to July Primary Admission Appeals heard
Within 5 school days of the appeal decision Decision letter posted to parents, admission authority and school