History at Whitehouse Primary

At Whitehouse Primary School History learning teaches children about the world in which they live and how it has changed over time.

Our History Curriculum focuses on acquiring facts and knowledge as well as developing historical enquiry skills. We teach children about larger global concepts such as humankind, place, significance, processes and change. The teaching of History follows the National Curriculum and is integrated within our topics as part of our Learning Expeditions. Great emphasis is placed upon acquiring historical knowledge and vocabulary.

 At Whitehouse Primary School, we view History as a way to inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past. History presents children with the opportunities to develop fundamental skills of enquiry and questioning; to become open minded ‘historical detectives’ and explore the past in an exciting and engaging way. Our history curriculum aims to bring history to life, in order to help pupils to understand the process of change and the diversity of societies, as well as understanding their own identity and the challenges of their time. It is designed to enable the children to develop their knowledge of the people and events that have shaped the past, and therefore give them a better understanding of the present. Through History, children learn to make comparisons and links between the past and modern times and discover how and why things have changed.

History at Whitehouse Primary is taught through our cross curricular topics; which ensures the continuity and progression of skills, whilst providing engagement for all pupils. Our children study a wide range of ancient, British and world history, learning about famous historical figures and exploring how and why they have influenced our lives today. We enable opportunities for our children to explore the past through the use of a variety of sources of information to find clues and evidence and take part in discussions with their peers. We also aim to provide first hand experiences with role play, class assemblies, historical visits, workshops and visiting experts playing an important part in all our topics. At the end of a unit, our children enjoy expressing what they have learnt in a variety of interesting and creative ways including; writing, art, drama and ICT.