Welcome to our Whitehouse Nursery - Butterfly Class

Our Whitehouse Nursery is an integral part of our school. On joining us, from the term after their third birthday, your child will immediately feel part of our school community. The experienced and caring staff will work with you to settle your child quickly, and will regularly update you on how they are getting on.

The Nursery Class and Reception Class teachers work closely together, to ensure that all of our Early Years children receive the support they need, and progress well.

The purpose built Early Years classrooms are light and bright, and equipped with everything children need to extend their learning with plenty of activities always available for the children to explore both inside and outside.

Resources are made accessible in order that children can make their own choices and the displays and creative areas are developed to enhance children’s interests.

At Whitehouse Nursery we concentrate very much on the important processes of learning and recognise that because children are unique they will learn at different times and different rates. Early learning takes place in all areas of our nursery school and is shaped by the Characteristics of Effective Learning and the Prime and Specific areas of Learning and Development within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS 2021).


​To arrange a viewing, or to request an information pack, please contact the School Office.

Aims and Ethos

As Whitehouse Nursery is part of Whitehouse Primary School we share the same ethos and aims as the main school.

Aspire, Believe, Achieve………..together

At Whitehouse Primary School, high expectations of learning, behaviour and respect for each other underpin everything we do. Our teachers strive to create independent, articulate thinkers and learners who have the confidence to achieve their ambitions. This drives us in our pursuit for excellence every day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a school where everyone is welcomed, efforts are valued, ambition is nurtured and where the potential of every child is realised. We aim to create a school that offers an irresistible invitation to learning.”

We wish for every child to become a successful, resilient life-long learner; a responsible, active member of our community, who can achieve and grow in a nurturing and creative environment. We want them to aspire to high standards of achievement in all areas of their life and be equipped with the skills to make a positive impact in our ever changing world.”

At Whitehouse Primary:

  • We aspire to ignite a passion for life-long learning.
  • We are committed in our pursuit for excellence.
  • We are committed to give our children the best possible future life chances, without limits on learning, attainment and achievement. We have a genuine belief that, given the opportunities, every child can succeed.
  • We aspire to develop great thinkers, who are independent, resilient and embrace challenges and new experiences.
  • We encourage co-operation and collaboration, everyone taking responsibility for all that they say and do.
  • We provide exciting but safe and secure spaces, indoors and outdoors, where children can explore, discover and experiment.
  • We value everyone as an individual and encourage respect for others and their opinions.
  • We aim to develop a strong community spirit in our children that helps them to become positive, active responsible citizens in the future.
  • We celebrate and respect the diverse community in which we live and appreciate our responsibilities as global citizens.

We aim to create an ethos where:

  • A welcoming atmosphere is created in school, where children, staff, parents and visitors feel valued.
  • Our children are happy, feel safe and supported and enjoy coming to school.
  • Our children demonstrate good manners and show consideration to and for others.
  • Our children are keen, enthusiastic and totally engaged in their learning.
  • There is a growth mind-set. We stay positive, we value learning from mistakes and we keep going when things become tough.
  • Our children are reflective and thoughtful about their experiences.
  • Our children are motivated and have the confidence to challenge themselves as learners.
  • Our school environment supports children’s learning and values their achievements.
  • Teaching is creative, exciting and stimulates and extends children’s thinking.
  • Our children have a genuine pride in themselves, their efforts and achievements. Talents and creativity are nurtured and encouraged.
  • Our staff are committed professionals who demonstrate a love of teaching, a passion for their own, as well as children’s learning and development, and genuine care for the children they teach.
  • We have high expectations for all within our community to ensure that we demonstrate the very best standards of conduct, moral purpose and integrity.


Happy Fathers Day!

June 17, 2019

We would like to say a big thank you to all that attended our Fathers day breakfast in nursery last Friday. The children had a lovely time! It was great to see everyone getting involved in the children’s play and having fun!

Mark making on a larger scale

February 28, 2019

Since Christmas the children have been taking part in gross motor scrimbling with Johanne. This technique is to help develop their fine motor skills and pencil control. The children are learning to use all of their muscles in their upper body. The children have loved it so much they been asking for large paper to…

Focusing on shapes

February 25, 2019

The children in our nursery class have learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been detectives and have been learning to recognise shapes in the environment, learning shape names and re-creating them at the creation station! The children are really proud of what they have created.

Chinese New Year

February 13, 2019

The children enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year by tasting a variety of Chinese food in nursery. The spring rolls and the prawn crackers were a massive hit! The children also listened to the story of the Chinese New Year and watched the famous ‘Chinese Lion Dance’.

Messy Play

December 4, 2018

The nursery children love to get messy! This week they have enjoyed exploring lots of different textures and materials such as jelly, foam sand and shaving foam! The children particularly liked the chocolate play dough!

Nursery Adventures!

November 29, 2018

The nursery children have been working really hard this week, so as a reward we visited the adventure playground. They loved it!! We climbed like monkeys, ran around like cheetahs and laughed as loud as hyenas! It was great to see the children challenge themselves and have lots of fun!  

Peppa Pig’s Birthday Party

November 29, 2018

Today we enjoyed a story about Peppa Pig and her birthday party. Once we finished the story, we all shut our eyes and when we opened them again, Peppa Pig had come to life! We then sang happy birthday to Peppa and all had a photo with her!

Our Nursery Graduates

July 19, 2018

Our nursery graduation ceremony was a magical but emotional morning! It was lovely to see all the children share this moment with their friends and families. They have all grown into such confident and driven children and the nursery team know they will continue to thrive in Foundation!! We also enjoyed some lovely cake too!

Nursery Sports Day

July 19, 2018

The nursery children had lots of fun at sports day. We jumped over hurdles, played bat and ball and even scored a few goals during football! Thank you to all the parents for joining us and making it such a lovely morning… the children have been talking about how much fun they had all week!

Fun at the Farm in Foundation and Nursery!

June 19, 2018

This week we have been getting up close and personal with all sorts of animals and wildlife! We were treated to a visit from the local ‘pop up farm’ and the children were able to spend time with a range of farm animals. The children enjoyed petting them and asking the farmer lots of interesting…