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READ15 is now online for Years 3-6!

Children and parents alike can now view our wonderful selection of R15 books online, and review them too! Each book has a review link after its summary that feeds directly to the teachers. If you've read the book, review it! Happy Reading.

Y6's R15

In addition, if your child completed READ15 last year, please let us know by filling in this form here.


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Rolling Numbers 

Whitehouse Primary School uses rolling numbers as a strategy to support children to start to learn their multiplication facts.  The rhythm and actions help the children to develop their recall.  Children use their fingers for each multiple to 10 to help them make the connection between the multiplication fact and the rolling number they are chanting.  This is used as a simple strategy which children then use to help them to become fluent in their multiplication facts.

Rolling 2 - 12


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