Nursery Remote Learning

For children isolating or with Covid who are symptom free and unable to attend school

Please follow the link to your child's year group Sway for their remote learning.


Additional Activities

Nursery Home Learning Pack


Phonics (Phase 1)/Literacy:

A focus has been placed on phase 1 phonics to develop the children listening skills to enhance their ability to hear sounds in words


Activity ideas:

I spy (in and around the home)

Learn to recognise and write your name

Practice using scissors (cutting old magazines and catalogues)

Matching sound to objects in and round the home (telephone, tap running etc.)

Sound walk/hunt (What noises can you hear in the house/garden)

Read and share stories

Following simple instructions

Engage in story talk using props, puppets and resources


Links to useful websites:



We have been focusing on numbers sense of numbers 1-5. The emphasis has been on understanding numbers and what numbers are all about, for example different ways of presenting numbers, counting one-to-one correspondence, subitizing and making comparisons between different quantities.


Activity ideas:

I spy for number in and around the home


Lay/set up the dinner table

Play board games, dice games

Make a sandwich

Help cook dinner

Colour/size sorting (washing)

Shape hunt (2D shapes)


Links to useful websites:

Use this guide to give you an idea of what to do with your children whilst watching an episode.


Understanding the world:
It is important for the children to learn knowledge and skills with regard to the world around them, this includes showing care and concern for living things, representing and sharing experiences they have been a part of at home, in school and within their community. As well as using technology and exploring different environments, textures and events.

Activity ideas:

Use technology to take pictures of your home learning

Send school a post card

Learn facts about your favourite animal

Nature walk in the local area

Nature collage making

Potion making (petals, water, pans, bottles)

Bug hunt in the garden

Planting and growing

Leaf rubbing

Making a rain shaker (Bottles/rice)

Make a family tree


Links to useful websites:

Extra activities:

Build/create something from junk modelling/cardboard boxes.

Makes cards for Easter

Draw a self portrait

Teddy bears picnic

Turn taking games

Practice putting on shoes independently

Learning to zip up their coat independently

Make musical instruments with pots and pans

Water activities in the bath with cups, pans, bowls, jugs


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Physical opportunities: