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Rolling Numbers

Whitehouse Primary School uses rolling numbers as a strategy to support children to start to learn their multiplication facts.  The rhythm and actions help the children to develop their recall.  Children use their fingers for each multiple to 10 to help them make the connection between the multiplication fact and the rolling number they are chanting.  This is used as a simple strategy which children then use to help them to become fluent in their multiplication facts.

Rolling 2s

Rolling 3s

Rolling 4s

Rolling 5s

Rolling 10s


Online Maths Resources:

Hit the Button: Practise your division and number bonds facts against the clock.

Coin Cruncher: Can you make different amounts of money using this fun game on the Natwest website?


Online Reading Resources: 

If you do not have a lot of books at home, there are lots of online resources to support reading and include a huge selection of texts:

Free online reading books through the Oxford Owls website (see link above)

Reading questions   Questions to ask your child when sharing stories or books.

Reading is such an important skill and passion to develop – sharing books together as a family is an amazing opportunity to laugh, cry and learn together! As you read, remember to check your child’s understanding by asking them questions. Can they prove their answers by showing you where it is in the text? Can they explain their ideas?



Keeping Active

Have fun and keep active with some of our favourite websites!

Go Noodle

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Active Maths


5 Minute Move – Workout 1

5 Minute Move – Workout 2

5 Minute Move – Workout 3