Look at what we have been getting up to in school

This page is dedicated to keeping parents and carers up to date on what we have been getting up to in school.

Emergency 999

By Jodie Williams | February 14, 2020

This week we were very lucky to receive some very special visitors! On Tuesday 2 Police Officers came to visit us and tell us all about being a Police Officer. We learnt that Police Officers help to keep us safe and we can look for their uniform if we are lost and we dial 999…

Role Play in Foundation

By Jodie Williams | February 12, 2020

Within our environment, we have had great fun in our role-play areas, which have been set out as a fire station, garden centre, police station, and fruit and vegetable shop. We have also experimented mixing colours within our art areas and completing observational drawings. During topic, we have learnt lots about the beat and rhythm…

Youth Sacre

By Jodie Williams | February 7, 2020

We were very excited that a small group of children were invited to a Youth Sacre meeting this half term. It was a great opportunity to learn about the different world views on climate change and sustainability. The children were able to share their own views and hear the opinions of others, through group discussions…

Exploring Ancient Egypt

By Jodie Williams | February 7, 2020

Year 5 and 6 have been exploring our topic all about Ancient Egypt. We have witnessed a mummification as the sacred priest delivered the pharaoh to the underworld with their organs safely in Canopic jars. We have made and tasted Egyptian bread and we are excited to take part in our immersive Egyptian day on…

Chinese New Year!

By Jodie Williams | February 7, 2020

Last week we had fun celebrating Chinese New year! One of our parents kindly wrote the characters for the numbers 1 to 30 in Mandarin on cards so we could write them in sand with chopsticks. We were also practising our fine motor skills by using chopsticks to fill bowls with noodles and beansprouts. Outside…


By Jodie Williams | February 1, 2020

A Fab-u-lous achievement for our Year 5/6 girls at the Dancing Schools UK Buckinghamshire Heats! This year, Whitehouse Primary entered into Dancing Schools UK – a Ballroom and Latin competition that we have never entered before. Our team of 12 girls started working incredibly hard in November 2019 to learn two Ballroom and Latin dances…

People that help us 

By Jodie Williams | January 30, 2020

Over the last few weeks we have had great fun looking at the people that help us within our lives. We have looked at firefighters and police officers, encouraging the children to understand their roles and responsibilities and what number to call if they were ever in trouble. This week we are looking at dogs…

Happy New Year in Nursery!

By Jodie Williams | January 20, 2020

We have had an exciting couple of weeks back at nursery, and this week we have enjoyed meeting  new friends that have joined us. The children have had fun learning about the police and firefighters, so the team are planning some visits from the police and fire service later next month. There has been lots on the…

Buddy Mile

By Jodie Williams | January 20, 2020

During this week’s buddy time, we headed outside in to the fresh winter air and enjoyed running and jogging our Daily Mile. It was lovely to see the children encouraging each other with huge smiles on their faces as they exercised together!

Amazing Ancient Greek Workshop! 

By Jodie Williams | January 9, 2020

Lower Key Stage 2 had a brilliant visit from History Squad as we learnt all about the myths and legends of the Ancient Greeks as well as lots of information about their everyday life. The children were able to handle and learn about the purpose of a range of artefacts. We performed our very own…