Space and Universe!

Since being back after half term, the children have shown a keen interest in space and our universe! During our literacy lessons we have looked closely at the story ‘Whatever Next’, focusing on the characters and the story events. The children have been practising their word writing using the sounds we have learnt so far, whilst being exposed to simple sentences and the use of a full stop. Within maths, the children have blossomed and it has been wonderful seeing them use their learning within the provision independently. We have looked at size, length, height, patterns and the numbers 1, 2, and 3.

We have focused on oral hygiene and the importance of brushing our teeth in our topic lessons, looked at our confidence when sharing past events and had the opportunity to celebrate Diwali!

The children are showing such wonderful initiative and imagination during their play and we have been amazed by what we have seen.

We look forward to the rest of this half term!