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This page is dedicated to keeping parents and carers up to date on what we have been getting up to in school.

We love stories!

By Jodie Williams | October 12, 2018

Today was our first time aboard the Library bus and we all loved it! Children were all so curious about all of the books lining the shelves of the bus and enjoyed meeting Steve who will visit the school every Tuesday. Children shared books and looked at the pictures in pairs and small groups while…

Foundation fun and smiles in our daily mile

By Jodie Williams | September 26, 2018

Children have been enjoying running, walking, jogging their way round our daily mile course and are excited to get out there (whatever the weather). It has been lovely to see children supporting each other, cheering their friends on and having so much fun with their teachers (who love it just as much as them)  

Volunteers – Hole Filling postponed!!

By Jodie Williams | September 23, 2018

Thank you to all the volunteers who offered their energy and time to help repair the huge cracks in the field today (Sunday 23rd September) Due to the weather we have made the decision to postpone until next weekend. We will keep you updated and if you are able to spare an hour or two…

Frontier Centre Fun for Y4!

By Jodie Williams | September 21, 2018

Year 4 had a fantastic time at the Frontier Centre in Irthlingborough earlier this month. They had a morning filled with fun team games and worked together brilliantly to achieve the goals. After a yummy lunch, they spent the afternoon on the High Ropes. Mrs Anderson, Mr Lindop and Mrs Doyle were so impressed with…

What a first week of school!

By Jodie Williams | September 18, 2018

Foundation children have had a wonderful week exploring all of the areas of learning in their new school. They have all settled in beautifully and have loved sharing what they have been up to over the summer. Children couldn’t wait to find out about each other and their new teachers and get to know everything…

Our Nursery Graduates

By Jodie Williams | July 19, 2018

Our nursery graduation ceremony was a magical but emotional morning! It was lovely to see all the children share this moment with their friends and families. They have all grown into such confident and driven children and the nursery team know they will continue to thrive in Foundation!! We also enjoyed some lovely cake too!

Nursery Sports Day

By Jodie Williams | July 19, 2018

The nursery children had lots of fun at sports day. We jumped over hurdles, played bat and ball and even scored a few goals during football! Thank you to all the parents for joining us and making it such a lovely morning… the children have been talking about how much fun they had all week!

Foundation Water Festival

By Jodie Williams | July 18, 2018

To continue our best day ever, we sprinkled ourselves in glitter, put feathers in our hair and danced to our favourite music. We found it hard to stop laughing and dancing! These children have enjoyed everything they’ve had the opportunity to try today and have not stopped smiling! We’ll all sleep well tonight (after the…

Our best day ever!

By Jodie Williams | July 18, 2018

We all headed to the park in the glorious sunshine to play, do the floss and laugh! Children played beautifully and even overcame some obstacles along the way. We tried our hardest to keep up with them!!

World Cup Support!

By Jodie Williams | July 16, 2018

We were very busy making our own unique flags to fly in support of England’s semi-final game. Even though the team didn’t win, the children are very much fans and proud! Children love to select their own resources after thinking creatively and we love nothing more than supporting them!  

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